Riquel & Ethan Say ‘I Do’

The sun rose high on May 20th for one of Utah’s most beautiful Saturday mornings. I met Riquel and her brand new husband Ethan outside the door of the Provo City Temple as they became newly sealed. Friends and family members gathered around and cheered on the new couple as they walked out hand in hand, that bright sun in their eyes.


They practically glowed with pride for one another.

Riquel was absolutely stunning with an amazing gown that fit her like a glove. It was easy to understand why Ethan couldn’t keep his eyes off her! And that ring! All the heart eyes.

And how cute were these beautiful bridesmaid dresses? The right amount of modesty and glitz made these pretty girls just light up! They all especially enjoyed our “fake laugh” photos which had them genuinely laughing by the end of it.


Ethan and his groomsmen were looking quite dapper themselves in fitted navy suits. The guys were friendly and always the gentlemen as I asked for picture after picture. They never once complained and were such good sports about it all.



It’s so refreshing to see big families come together to celebrate marriage! Every single family member and friend present seemed to be just as excited for Riquel and Ethan on their big day. Having family support you 100% in all you do is priceless!

After the sealing we drove to a local ward house for the reception. Along the way, the wedding cake was demolished (haha we can laugh now) but Riquel was such a good sport about it and kept the most poised and beautiful smile on her face the entire time. After all, it’s only cake. I think a lot of people ended up demolishing the rest on their plates anyway!

Congratulations you two and I wish you all the best on your new journey together as husband and wife!







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