Welcome Baby Stone!

Is there anything more incredible than watching a baby come into the world by the very will and strength of its mother? It is like watching a literal miracle happen before my eyes.

Rachel’s birthing story is a little different than the average because of one major detail. Years before, Rachel gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who she willingly handed over to amazing adoptive parents (who are still in her life!) for reasons that kept her firstborn child safe and gave her a life full of love from a family wanting so badly to call a baby their very own. Kudos to you Rachel for bringing that sweet girl into the world and doing what was best for her regardless of how hard it was for you!

This time though, Rachel and her husband Casey, were excitedly preparing to bring their baby boy home and the excitement shown in their eyes like never before!

I woke up on Friday morning to a text from Rachel telling me she was having contractions and they weren’t letting up. So I prepared myself for an awesome day and headed over to her home to document her labor. She was planning to do a completely unmedicated water birth at a Birthing center close by and I was so stoked! When I arrived she was confident and chatty like it was any other day, only pausing from our conversation when a really difficult contraction swept through.


Casey was so friendly and excited as well as we waited patiently for her contractions to reach 5 minutes apart steadily for an hour before heading to the birthing center. He decided to do a little breakfast prep as everyone knows, new Dads need major fuel!


Upon arrival I was blown away by how comfortable everything seemed. Beautiful fresh sheets and comforter on an ACTUAL bed, a huge tub for the actual birth, a spacious bathroom, and even a lovely separate waiting area complete with a fridge to stow yummy snacks and drinks to keep mama upbeat and refreshed! She was told she was about 5 cm dilated and that it would be another several hours before she progressed so they prescribed a walk around the local park to help.

Y’all, we weren’t at the park an entire minute before she started having contractions 1 minute apart. We hurried back! Baby Stone was on his way and he wasn’t waiting around!

Still during all of this, Rachel was calm and collected, concentrating on the natural strength of her own body and the idea that so many women had gone before her in this. As she progressed quickly, she was ushered into the jet tub to labor there and it wasn’t long before she was ready to push.

Casey was there every step of the way, massaging pressure points in her back, holding her hand, and calmly reassuring her with positive whispers. I love seeing a new dad watch his wife labor- there’s a grace and love that comes over them both that transcends your typical romance. It’s something deeper and more meaningful that can even make me tear up!

The last five minutes of her labor was so intense, I had to make myself breathe because I was on the edge of my figurative seat! Finally, baby Stone made his grand entrance and Mom and Dad both fell instantly in love, emotion after emotion washing over them as they gazed teary-eyed into their little man’s sweet face.



Dad was SO proud! Mama and babe were healthy and doing great in less than an hour after birth and Rachel was able to take her new son home that day.

The next day, I came back to their home to document some photos of them together holding, changing, and loving on their new addition. Rachel was understandably feeling much better and was up and about as if she hadn’t done one of the most amazing and exhausting feats the day before!




Congratulations you guys! Your world is finally in full color and the best is yet to come 😉


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