Kid’s Day Out!

Every once in awhile, a photographer comes across clients who are open to any and all possibilities as far as a session goes, and those sessions always turn out to be filled with AMAZING photographs because of one thing: no rules.

The Emory family is that unicorn client: fun, fresh, and full of laughter and life! Heather and her husband Brian commissioned me to document some fun in Brookhaven with their girls Cameron, Chloe, Zoe, and their nephew Jasper. We started out at a creek on some private property of friends of the Emory family and it only got better from there!

These kids are no stranger to photography, between professionals in the family to just fun and ordinary photo ops, and its so evident how much they enjoy being in front of the camera while simultaneously looking curious and natural. And did I mention how gorgeous they made each shot??

Seriously. Cameron (above) is the oldest and finishing up eighth grade but she exudes maturity and confidence that I know I didn’t have at her age. Intelligent, well-mannered, and naturally beautiful are just a few of the qualities that are obvious from these photographs. I think a part time modeling gig might be in her future if she wanted it!

The two younger girls, Chloe (top middle) and Zoe (bottom left) don’t allow youth to stop them from showing up and showing out in the best way possible. I gave them very little direction in posing and many of our shots were built off of ideas they formed on their own! And don’t let me forget little Jasper, their cousin. Talk about a flirt! He didn’t meet a single stranger that day and made us laugh almost every time he was in front of the camera.


Aren’t they precious?? Between Jasper’s sparkling eyes and sweet smiles, to Chloe and Zoe’s effortless melancholy facades, I was in photographer heaven!

Brookhaven, MS has the coolest downtown as well, featuring old school style Barber Shop and soda fountain shops, fun bakeries, colorful brick and lighted alleyways, and even a train that runs straight through the middle of town.

Enjoy a few of the images from this special day and take some advice from the Emory clan: throw rules to the wind next time you get a chance to snap some photographs whether they are professional or just quick snapshots of you and your family. Letting go of rigidity can and will provide opportunities for fun that will translate into lasting memories you can cherish for a lifetime.




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