Finally Fowler!

Sunday evening, Levi & Meagan Fowler began their journey as husband and wife… and you better believe they did that in style! Meagan is a fellow book nerd, so each table for guests at the reception was adorned with its very own “love story” theme complete with different book editions featuring some of the most classic and beautiful love stories of all time including: Gone With the Wind (Scarlett & Rhett), The Lord of the Rings (Aragorn & Arwen), Pride & Prejudice (Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy) and so many others. It was quite a book lover’s dream!

Oh and I guess the cake and food wasn’t too shabby either 😛 With catering from Fresh Cut Catering, and the venue at The Cotton Market, the food, decorations, and scenery were positively sublime.

Isn’t she lovely? I love seeing the beautiful poise and grace on a woman’s face as she prepares herself to say ‘I do.’


Levi and his groomsmen were nothing but gentlemen the entire day, doing everything I asked and in a very timely manner. With a crew this handsome its hard not to get a good photo!

And if you thought he was glowing before… you guys should have seen him as he anticipated seeing his beautiful bride for the first time before the ceremony. Their faces lit up like teenagers y’all and it was so evident how much they love one another. Looks like a real life fairy tale romance in the works!

Meagan you were SO beautiful Sunday, and you guys lit up any room you walked into with the most amazing smiles you had for one another. Truly you don’t see love like yours everyday! I wish you guys all the best in your marriage and I hope you continue to see each other in the same light as you do today! Congratulations and enjoy some more photos from your big day!





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