Jonah is a Senior!

It’s a big season for seniors everywhere and Jonah Sterling is no exception. Standing at 6’6 its hard to not be intimidated by him, but he’s truly one of the nicest and most respectful young men I’ve had the pleasure of meeting lately.


I was put in touch with Jonah through a previous client and it was so clear to me right off the bat how impressed I was going to be by this kid. Jonah goes to school at Mendenhall High and is attending Jones Community Junior College in the fall semester where he is undecided on a major, but dreams about a career in medicine.


Clearly, he’s got a good head on his shoulders. This is probably mostly in part due to his hard working parents who have taught him a thing or two about what it means to be dedicated to family, friends, and work.


When I pulled up to his home for our first session, we ended up driving out to some fields in the back of his family’s land where cows roamed and critters lurked in the shadows of the trees. We even crawled under barb wire at one point to get to a fallen log and it was equal parts magically nostalgic for me (my grandparents owned a farm) and painful as I am no longer 10 years old running through pastures and climbing under barb wire fences LOL.


You can tell Jonah loves the land he works, though. You can also tell he’s hopeful about a future that may or may not include those things, and he’s fine not knowing those details for a little while longer.


That’s such a rare trait for anyone these days where the majority of us want to be in control and know everything that’s going to happen before it actually does. Instead of demanding those things, Jonah is content to be patient and watch how things play out while also understanding that he’s going to have to put in old fashioned hard work to get to where he wants to be.


Y’all, he even got up for a sunrise session for his second shoot! It was his idea!  Mom and Dad, you guys have a great kid with such a kind disposition and honest work ethic that so many young men don’t have. Cherish these last few months and weeks with him before he’s out of the house and making his own life decisions. And Jonah, remember that dreaming big doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes along the way, it just means you have to keep working until you get there.






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