A Jackson Classic Gets a New Look!

I don’t know how many of you know about E&L Barbeque on Bailey Avenue, but if you haven’t been there to try out their rib tips, dipped wings, hot links, or the AMAZING BBQ sauce, then you’re missing out.


Recently, my friend Elise Ros married into the family business of E&L and in order to keep the classic BBQ soul of E&L alive, she’s taking no prisoners in order to rebrand and redefine how the city of Jackson sees the business and BBQ in general. So when Elise contacted me about helping her with this, I was all in! Plus there really was no way for this food not to look incredibly delicious no matter what we did!


Seriously, how good does this look? I may have to get some BBQ for din din tonight!

Besides having some of the best BBQ around, Elise and her (growing!) family love the city of Jackson and its people in a way that really makes me proud that Mississippi is my home state. That’s why she’s dedicated her life to not just food service, but people service. She works harder than most people I know and she wants people to experience food, not just eat it.


Naturally we had to incorporate MS in there somehow!

Nom! Chicken wings!!!!!!!! and that sauce! Lawd have mercy!!!

E&L has been a staple since 1980, first in Chicago, then in Jackson in 1989, and its seen a lot of people who love BBQ. For Elise, it was important that she stayed true to the history of E&L while also creating an air of originality for the restaurant that is all her own.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t pack lunch tomorrow! Instead head on over to E&L for any of their signature BBQ recipes and you won’t regret it.



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