Baby Dew Coming Soon!

Y’all, this day was COLD. It was the day after a major ice over that seemed to shut down most of Mississippi because we just aren’t equipped to drive in the snow and ice… At least that’s what we tell people. But Jessica and I had this date picked out well in advance, and as you can see she didn’t have a whole lot of time left before Baby Dew made his/her appearance. You heard me right, Baby Dew is a SURPRISE!


These two are too cute!

Despite the fact that it was -1000 degrees outside, Jessica was literally the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen. The dress she wore fit her like a glove and she glowed with joy and love for her sweet little one warm and snug in her tummy. Don’t worry, we covered her up with a fluffy robe and thankfully I thought enough ahead to bring a blanket to bundle her in between takes as well.


And wasn’t she absolutely flawless? Despite the cold, she couldn’t have blended in more perfectly in the middle of the woods with an evening gown on than she did that day. It was fate.

I know Baby Dew is going to be so blessed by having these two awesome people as his/her parents. Jessica is the definition of such a sweet and beautiful spirit, while Kyle kept me laughing with his quirky sense of humor. I have to mention that he was such a good sport about this as well. I’m sure it wasn’t his ideal Sunday afternoon spent out in the cold, but he was great about each gust of icy wind and trekking across squishy, wet terrain to get that perfect shot for his wife.



Congratulations you guys! You are so so blessed and I can’t wait to find out his or her name on their birthday!




Special thanks to Nikki Henry at Ritz Salon for styling hair for the shoot. 


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