Anna Fairley Trotter’s Debut!

Anna Fairley Trotter was born to Becca and Daniel Trotter on January 13, 2017 weighing 9 lbs and measuring at 20″ long. Mom and Dad are acclimating to their new roles splendidly and they are cherishing every second with their sweet baby daughter.


When I walked into the Trotter family home, I didn’t expect everything to be so clean. There was not a speck of dust in that house and fresh flowers adorned the living room coffee table. The carpet was neatly vacuumed and there was a warm glow from the natural light filtering in through the den and kitchen windows. The nursery was immaculate with beautiful wispy white curtains, an antique wooden crib, an assortment of amazing books displayed and a gorgeous white fur rug that I could have literally slept on.

Little Anna Fairley’s got better taste than I do apparently. Luckily for the new parents, not only was Dad helping to keep things clean in his down time, but his mother was just finishing polishing the kitchen until it sparkled! What a blessing! Ladies, if you get a good MIL to help when babies are born, you’ve definitely hit the jackpot.


Aren’t they sweet together? I love seeing grandparents with their sweet new family additions. It’s like Christmas morning!

As you’re taking a moment to look at all the sweet faces and little fingers and toes, remind yourself to take time to cherish the small details in life: the wrinkled feet, that fresh baby smell, the coo’s and burps, first smiles and sweet giggles. Those things go away so quickly that sometimes we are left wondering where did the time go? Enjoy those moments while they are here because tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow they may be grown up 🙂








Congratulations Trotter Family! Snuggle that sweetheart!!


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