Starlee’s a Big Sister!

I have THE most exciting news ever! One of my best friends is pregnant!


When Sabrina called me to tell me the news I was ecstatic! I’ve known Sabrina almost as long as I’ve known my husband-they went to church together-and we became fast friends who saw each other through birthday parties, LOTS of after church cheese dip, marriage, the birth of my son, and now I get to be a part of her second pregnancy!

Keeping this a secret was really hard y’all. (I’m not a very good secret keeper so if you’re thinking of confiding in me, it better be for a dang good cause.) But when Sabrina told me she wanted to do a shoot surprising her sweet firstborn Starlee with the news, I couldn’t resist.

Isn’t her face priceless? The surprise was awesome. She didn’t even suspect anything because Sabrina is smart and acted like it was a valentine’s present so no big deal right?

Starlee has grown into the cutest little woman with the sweetest disposition just like her mama. I know she’s going to be the best big sister out there and Sabrina is already glowing!

As for Sabrina’s husband, Chad, he enjoyed the photoshoot more than anyone (hehe) but we did get him to manage a smile a few times by talking about embarrassing stories 😉 Take a look at a few more of the pictures from today below! Enjoy and congratulations Sheffields!



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